fast-approaching dead-line

Currently, in the studio, the temperature is a moderate 77 F, the air is still, and smells like burning rubber and polyester with a strong, distinct, inexplicable overcast of nursing home.

Between the clunk-whir of the inkjet printer jimmy-rigged to print the poly plates for my press, I thought it'd be a good time to go update.

I'd meant to be done printing said plates earlier today, but instead of actually rising after I'd hit the snooze button a generous eight or nine times, I instead dreamt - pretty linearly, actually - of getting up, checking my email in bed, then getting up and dressing and leaving for the studio - without having done so in the least.

Lutefisk Sushi is due Saturday. No sleep 'til booklet!

bye bye studio

Having just been booted from my design studio, which comes as blessing and sad news at the same time, it's picture time. I guess, luckily for everybody's estimation of me, the only pictures I have of it are of when it is immaculately clean and organized, at the very beginning of September last year.

Oh, and there's only one coffee there. I don't have a photo of what it looked like by the end of school, but I would have to dig out a space for my bristol to sit and prop my laptop open on a pile of something for Daily Show time. Imagine, now, six more coffees, all of an equally indeterminate old age, a stuffed Easter sheep, a foot-and-a-half tall stack of bristol, an old timey lamp, and a lot more just things sitting around and you get the idea.

Hand-drawn calender. Sheesh.

I'll miss it, though.