a resource list

transparency in government is good, transparency in micro-pressing is better; a list of what I use to get things done, and what you can use to get your things done. Because making comics and putting them out is a lot of work, and I wouldn't get anywhere without places and people like these.

Most of the listing is approved thoroughly by me via first-hand experience or on good opinion; some I simply haven’t tried out myself but might work for you. The list will be partly localized to the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, being my neck of the woods and where I went to school, but I'll do my best to include all good resources, wherever they are. Chicago, Portland, New York, Toronto, Seattle, Florida, the Seas of the Moon. If there's something you don't see listed here and think I damn well should, feel free to tell me so.
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* = personal high recommondation

sorry, still workin' on it. it's a lot of links to fetch.