Talk Weird Press is a Minneapolis-based micropress publishing comics. 

PHOTO CREDIT:  Loren Rozewski  (L to R) Scotty Gillmer & Caitlin Skaalrud, partners in life and in crime @ Talk Weird Press

PHOTO CREDIT: Loren Rozewski
(L to R) Scotty Gillmer & Caitlin Skaalrud, partners in life and in crime @ Talk Weird Press

Talk Weird Press is:

Caitlin Skaalrud
leo sun, scorpio/sagittarius moon, libra rising
Artist CV - March 2016.

Caitlin Skaalrud is a cartoonist, comics instructor, self-publisher and aspiring astrologer based in Minneapolis. A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's comic art program - one of only a few in the country - she remains a working cartoonist and active in the Twin Cities comic scene as a organizer of Autoptic Festival, a bi-annual celebration of independent art.

Her debut graphic novel, Sea Change: A Choose-Your-Own-Way Story, was awarded one of the last Xeric Foundation Grant for Self-Publishing in 2012. She hand-printed all copies on a 1960's AB Dick printing press in a garage, under the name of her small-press imprint, Talk Weird Press. Houses of the Holy was released by local comics publisher Uncivilized Books. The first chapter, originally released self-published, received an Honorable Mention from Best American Comics 2015, edited by Bill Kartalopoulos and Jonathan Lethem. Skaalrud's work deals with the intersection of fantasy and fairy-tale, identity through gender, sexual, and family roles, body dysmorphia, and the occult - in particular the afterlife, shamanism, witchcraft, and astrology.

Scotty Gillmer
sagittarius sun, sagittarius moon, aquarius rising

Scotty Gillmer is a writer of fiction and comics.  He works with cartoonist and longtime friend Carl Thompson on the comic series BFD (read: Big Fucking Deal), a touching and expertly-crafted story of growing up in the Midwest that best exemplifies his sympathetic and humanistic vision of the world.  A dedicated historian of film, lover of comics, and whip-sharp editor, Scotty keeps all the Talk Weird Press copy smart and concise (including this!).

(Ed. Note: The views and opinions stated above are those of author Caitlin Skaalrud and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Talk Weird Press)

Maisie James, AB DICK 360

Maisie James
Offset Sun, Inky Moon, Frustration Rising

Maisie James is an AB Dick Offset Lithograph 360 press produced somewhere in the late 1950's to the very early 1960's, due to her very distinctive industrial green color popular to that specific time. Originally the press behind La Mano, she became the driving force behind Talk Weird Press starting in 2010, but more in earnest in 2012 by producing every single page of Sea Change. Clocking in at well over 700 pounds, she is a workhorse printing press left over from the golden age of pressman - when the person manning a press was just as much a mechanic as a tradesman - and, given care, she'll keep printing for a long time to come. The complete hands-on aspect of owning and operating your own printing press puts the control and responsibility in your hands, and alleviates the financial barriers that keep some from self-publishing their work. While I am by no means an expert pressman, being able to take charge of all aspects of creating comics is incredibly satisfying and empowering. 

She's our mascot, our work horse, and my favorite fussy machine.